Pano Photography Awards 2012

I have entered my second photography competition this year. I like to enter these things to gauge where I am at with my photography skills, as judged by respected photographers from around the globe. Sometimes as I sit alone processing my images I often wonder if what I like and think looks good, also looks good to others? Your friends are always going to tell you they are good, so I feel photography competitions are a great Idea to get an outside opinion from those who see millions of images everyday!

Earlier this year I entered “The Better Digital Camera” competition with five images. I received one silver and 4 bronze awards. It was judged by an amazing photographer Peter Eastway, who I admire greatly. So all in all it was not bad for a first attempt in the competition world.

I then entered another competition. The “Pano Awards 2012” I entered three images this time and got 2 bronze awards. Since receiving the results I have re-edited some pictures from scratch to try and improve them a little….

Mona Vale Tidal Pool

The New Version of the Long Jetty shot looks like this:

long Jetty

I feel like the newer version has more punch and is a lot brighter. But you may think differently. I welcome comments about this matter, so please feel free to leave your opinions here. I have been putting many hours of shooting and learning more photoshop skills in so hopefully I can continue to improve.

I am entering another competition as we speak. It is the Creative Asia Awards 2012. These are the 4 photos i am entering.

Long Jetty

Glenworth Valley

Empress Falls

The Entrance

I don’t ever expect to win awards but of course I would love to. I would also love to improve the level of award to consistent silver, as this would let me know I am moving in the right direction and growing as an artist. It will be interesting to see if the image I changed scores better this time around….. Although it isn’t a true test, as the judges are different in this Competition. A panel of five professional photographers score each image and mark it out of 100. An average score is then given from the 5 results. Wish me luck!!!!!

Until then , I will continue to drag myself out of bed at ridiculous hours to capture (in my opinion) the best time of day.



church Yard Luddenham

Mona Vale

As I was sifting through my captures from my sunrise at Mona Vale last week, I came across some images of an older couple who were swimming together that morning. I smiled as I remembered them holding hands shuffling along the beach and up the stairs to the tidal pools. Although they were extremely fit looking for their age (probably due to the fact they swim daily) they were still quite slow paced. I couldn’t help but wonder how long they have been together? Did they have children and grandchildren? And just how many years they have been swimming at Dawn?

The love between them was obvious as he climbed the stairs first and then offered his hand to his beloved and gave her a hand. It was very touching. After their swim, they got out and made their way to their car.

Tidal Pool

As the sun had risen above the horizon and I had lost all the soft light of the morning, I packed up my equipment and trudged back to the parking lot. Once again I spied the couple sitting in the back of their hatchback eating fruit salad and talking amiably with everybody who passed by including myself. They seemed to have all the answers to happiness. Perhaps the health experts have been right all this time after all! Exercise and eating healthy? Who would have thought?  Perhaps it is time I put down the Easter Egg and picked up a carrot! Hmmm maybe next year…..

Tidal Pool

I would like to thank Kirsten Carroll for her graphic design work for my business. She is extremely talented and is happy to take on freelance work. Contact me on Facebook if you require a quote or her services. Wishing you all a Happy Easter. Have a Safe Holiday 🙂


Terrigal Australia

Back to the surgeon

So the time has come to find out the extent of my knee injury, suffered earlier this year whilst out taking photos in “The Valley of the Waters” in Wentworth Falls. I had seen a surgeon who sent me to get and MRI done. Thursday night was the booked in time at the local hospital. For those of you who have had an MRI you will agree that they are not very plesant. You have to lie completely still for 20 minutes whilst the machine Bangs and Clangs away (Thank God they give you ear muffs). I am not the type of person to sit in one place for too long so it felt like Chinese torture to me. What felt like an hour later I was free to leave, but had a three day wait for the results.

So here they are:

Basically what this means is that I have torn my Meniscus (Which is the cartilage between the knee joints) in at least one place, possibly two. It is hard to believe that 8mm (meniscal tear) can be so painful and so restrictive to my movement. My whole knee is unstable because of less than one centimetre? It seems impossible, but yet there you have it.

This was NOT the result I wanted as Meniscal tears never heal. It is now likely that I will need an operation to cut away the offending section so that I can move around like a normal person again. I am a little scared of the operating table, but even more scared of the cost involved. At 33 years old it is probably worth it in the long run. I have many years ahead of me in which I hope to spend trudging along sand dunes, scrambling over rocks and ab-sailing down waterfalls to find great photo opportunities.

Oh Well, I guess I will just wait and see what my surgeon says when I go back to see him with the scans.

On a more positive note. I did manage to get out and catch a beautiful sunrise at Mona Vale Tidal Pools yesterday morning. I left home at 4am and arrived at just the right time when first light was appearing. I happened to be the first one at the pools and set up my gear.

I was pretty amazed by how many people get up so early (Before sunrise) to go swimming in the ocean. I have always assumed it would be freezing in there, but all the people getting out from their morning swim assure me it is warm and refreshing. They do this everyday, so maybe they are right and I am just an ignorant city dweller. This has led me to set myself a goal. The next Sunrise I shoot near a tidal pool, I will force myself to hop in and give it a try. Only then can I really be the judge.

I leave you now with one of the shots from Mona Vale. I was so blessed to be there Yesterday. It was a perfect day with pink wispy clouds stretching North to south  for miles.

Mona Vale

Peter Eastway’s Better Digital Camera Photography Competition

Arriving Home from a short trip to Mudgee, I unpacked and checked my emails. I was plesently surprised to find that all five photos that I sent into The Better Digital Camera Photography Competition last month placed. Four Bronze awards and one silver. Considering this was the first competition I have entered it has given me a kick in the butt to work harder for next year.

Coastal Exposure Wrap Up

What an amazing time I had on my trip to the Central Coast. The accommodation and food was great and I came away with a wealth of new information. As I arrived there I was a little nervous as I was about to meet Ken Duncan. Someone I have long admired as an artist. Leaving there I am even more inspired by Ken Duncan the person. He completely exceeded my expectations, and had me in stitches with his stories.

We all had a great time, whether it was watching the sunset over Long Jetty or a couple of hundred horses thundering through the creek at Glenworth Valley.

Long Jetty

Glenworth Valley

If I had to pick a favourite thing from the trip it would be difficult to name just one. However I would probably say it was the friends I made. To meet like minded people with the same interests is an amazing thing. I now have friends for life, who I will be catching up with for photography travels in the future.

I finish this post with some memories and friends made on this journey….


Coastal Exposure Trip

What a massive two days we have already had! 6 photo shoot locations and more to come. I believe I have averaged 3 hours sleep in the first two nights and am running on auto pilot. I have to say the accommodation is outstanding at Quay West Magenta shores and have wanted for nothing since arriving here. Check out how i am roughing it!

The amount of information to be learnt from the guru Ken Duncan is worth any amount of exhaustion, and hope to travel with him on the next excursion to the Kimberleys.

I cant wait to get home to start the editing process and see what this week has produced. Till Next time……….