Hi, my name is Beck Dunn. I have had a love for all things photography for as long as I can recall and have enjoyed it professionally for several years now. I have always had landscape photography books on my coffee table, but never entertained the idea that I could possibly create images like that myself. I had only owned point and shoot cameras and my life was so busy, it was enough for me.

One Mother’s Day, my husband Russ surprised me with a new camera. A Canon EOS 600D. I was a bit gob smacked as now I had to learn a lot of buttons I had no idea how to use. I took a basic class to learn how to use it and then researched the Internet night after night, month after month until I felt like my eyes would bleed. However there is no better training then hands on trial and error. Now I am totally immersed in photography and wonder how I ever existed without it. I once asked my husband how he knew to buy me a DSLR? He told me that I had always had a creative soul, but had no outlet for it. He on the other hand is a musician and has been expressing himself for decades.

BeckDunnPhotographyRuss and I also have three beautiful sons, Tyler, Jake and Lucas, they are my pride and joy. I am very outnumbered as the only female in a house full of boys but wouldn’t have it any other way. They each make me feel loved every single day.

As a mother it is hard to plan photography trips or days, the boys have had to come with me on several occasions. I kind of like them coming because they get to see some very beautiful places and learn a lot about the world and nature. I hope their own little artistic souls are being created along the way.

I love landscape photography because it allows me to witness one-off moments in time that I can capture on camera and share with others. I hope that it evokes the same feelings in others that I feel when I am watching a spectacular sunrise without another living sole around. We all need to be reminded to take a breath and slow down from our busy lives and remember the wonder and beauty of the world we live in. If  my images can do that for people, then all the hard work has been worth it.

Beck Dunn

A Pictiure of me and my boys

My Boys and I



2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Beck,

    I am writing about the old house at Freeman’s Reach which provokes many thoughts and comments from those who pass along the road including yourself – “I have always been a lover of all things ancient, and am a bit of a history buff. I used to drive past this house all the time when my husband and I first started dating as he lived nearby. I look at it and wonder ….. Who were the first people to build and live in this house …. and who has come and gone over the years?”

    I am researching history of Freeman’s Reach area – are you still interested; and do you know of any other persons interested.

    Thanks, John

    • Hi John!

      Thanks for your comment. Yes I am still very interested in the history behind this house. I have other people who have asked me if I know about it and also someone who claims to be psychic and see a ghost in my photo. Not sure if I buy into that but it would be interesting to see if she is right. If you have any information I would be happy to hear it. My email is beck@beckdunnphotography.com.au or my phone number is 0431869100. I will be on holidays until 20/1/14. Thanks again


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