Sydney Shoot

Our Harbour

Living only 45 minutes from central Sydney, it’s a little strange that I haven’t found the time to make my way in there yet for a photo shoot. Last weekend however I finally pulled my finger out and made the effort. On the Friday afternoon I headed into town early to make sure I didn’t miss sunset time by sitting in traffic. I knew the spot I wanted to be in. It had been on my “to shoot list” for some time. That location was the gorgeous Hornby Lighthouse at South Head. I have long been in love with this quaint little lighthouse in all its original 1858 candy stripe glory. I had only ever seen it it pictures and not in person so was really looking forward to it. Coming around the footpath on south head and seeing it for the first time I was not disappointed. It is in my opinion, PERFECT. Then all that was left to do was hope for some awesome colour in the clouds, and my wish was granted.

Sunset at Sydney's South Head with Hornby lighthouse

Hornby Lighthouse

The light house was commissioned in 1857 after the loss of two ships. The first was the “Dunbar” in August 1857 killing 121 onboard, the second was two months later, drowning 21 onboard the “Catherine Adamson”.

Sun reflecting on Hornby Lighthouse, Sydney

Sailing Boat leaves Sydney Harbour past Hornby Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Keepers house from back in the day

After the sun had set and getting some dinner it was time to find a perspective for shooting the harbour bridge at night. I was hindered by the rain and wasn’t at all happy with the results below.

By the time I travelled home it was 11pm, got into bed around 1pm only to wake at 4am and retrace my steps back into the city for sunrise. It was fine weather, that is until I got to my key position at Mrs Macquaries chair. Thats when the rain started to come down and a think blanket of cloud settled over Sydney. I had a whole morning of shooting locations mapped out and wasn’t really impressed with Mother Nature letting the team down. However I was fortunate enough to fire off a couple of good shots before it started belting down and I was forced to tuck tail and run back home.

An overcast pre-sawn photo of Sydney Harbour

Before the rain

Next week I hope to get out to Turimetta Beach and possibly down to Jervis Bay in the next month.

Catch ya next time

Beck xx


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