Commercial Work

This week saw me help out a personal training business. Hired to come up with some candid images from around the gym. It was a fun morning, especially considering I was NOT the one doing the exercising! A couple of hours was spent taking pictures of people being put through their paces. As difficult as it was with the dim lighting we got there in the end. Here are a few of my favourite images from the day.

Now on to a new week. I can’t wait to go into Sydney Friday next week. Where I will be doing some sunset shots on and around the harbour. I will then travel back into the city on Saturday Morning to follow up with some sunrise shots and to spend the whole day trying to find little nooks and crannies that interest me. I won’t be alone however, and I hope me and my pal from Canberra can find the time to stop for some pub grub and a catch up. I must admit, every time she and I meet up  we pretty much spend the whole time shooting and driving and grabbing some food on the fly, despite our best intentions to slow it down and add some downtime. I guess that’s just what happens when you share a passion, it kind of just takes over. Time flies when your having fun, and before I know it, I am saying goodbye and driving home with itchy palms dying to see what my images look like on my iMac screen.

Digging through my old files this week, I found this one that I took back in May at Kiama. It was one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen (and i have seen a few). I couldn’t quite figure out where the best vantage point was to capture it. There was a sign for a lookout over the sea and rolling hills so I pulled in there. The view was facing the other way with no colour in the sky and my pet hate, power lines running through the scenery.

Home with a view

A little leg work brought me to a gate that was wide open but read “construction site- keep out” and “Private property- Trespassers yadda yadda yadda” My 2 thoughts were this A) Who’s going to be constructing anything at 5am? and B) If they didn’t want me to go in and take pictures, why would you leave the gate wide open?” Those two thoughts mixed with my fear of missing the best sky ever left me no choice but to enter. Needless to say I soon found out why the gate was open……. There were two houses down the long driveway with a cattle grate across it, and two dogs who were barking as they snarled and chased me further into the property. As I approached the 2nd house they stopped following me and trotted back to their house.

Setting up my tripod as quick as I could I snapped away happy about the shots and the sky, and crazy Jealous of the people who live in the white house that get to spend everyday waking up to this view. As the bright hues started to subside in the sky I had to pump myself up for the fact that the only way out of here was back up the communal driveway and past the dogs that didn’t take a shine to me at all. Arming myself with my tripod just in case  i needed to protect myself , I took to sneaking as quiet as I could past their home. They heard me at the last moment and came running. I followed suit and ran too, but combating the cattle grate with a torn meniscus in my knee was a little scary. Once over it the dogs wanted nothing to do with it, for which I was grateful. Way to get the heart pumping in the morning I can tell you.

That’s it for me for another week,

Take Care X


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