Hi all,

Yet another week has gone by and unfortunately I haven’t had the time to get out on location. However I have spent some time with my NEW web designer and the ball is now in motion. The plan is to be up and running in 4 weeks time. Thank god, I say as i have had quite a bit of interest in purchases of late. and have sold several prints via Facebook page messages and emails. Let me tell you it is NOT the easiest way to take orders and transactions.

One good thing came out of organising my website. I had to google myself in order to test how I would rank with google for the new site. Apparently due to blogging and flicka I am quite well covered, but something unexpected came to my attention in this search. Apparently back in April I entered a picture into Australian Photography Magazine competition with the theme “decay”.  It seems in their article that I was shortlisted to the top 25 entries out of roughly 500 for my “Monster House” entry. I had no Idea as they did not inform me at the time, so it was a nice surprise.

I am so pleased to finally have the website on its way after the stuff around I had with the last Host. I promised to name names but for fear of being sued for defamation I will let you work it out this way. Lets Just say I asked the host to remove my name from her website as a listed client of hers as she isn’t going to be designing it at all, and in fact should not be in this business if she isn’t able to provide the services she claims to know how to do. Let me also say that the unnamed host has not yet done so and my name remains on her site. Therefore IF you google “Beck Dunn Photography” you will find the web design and hosting business that claim to be designing my site but who are most Definatly NOT. I urge you all to look elsewhere when considering Website hosting and SEO etc.

I have a commercial photography job this weekend and a Sydney shoot the weekend after, where I’ll be catching up with my Canberra Buddy for more adventures.

Looking forward to bringing you more images………

Until Then I will leave you with some Autumn shots from Mudgee that I really like the end results of.

Beck X


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