What’s New?

Hi Everyone!

Not much has happened this week in the way of travels and adventures. However I have been extremely busy editing photos from my last Blue Mountains trip, and planning my July Portrait sessions. I have around 7 to shoot and the ideas are out of control in my head and keeping me awake at night. I cannot wait to get stuck in and show you all what I come up with. I do love a good outdoor family portrait when they are done well. There are some great portrait photographers around whom I greatly admire. Personally though, my heart lies with Landscapes. However I have come up with my own brand of family portraits that excite me and will be announced late July early August. Lets just say, it will be different…….

I have had a lot of trouble this week getting my website up and running Not just mine but my husbands Truck Washing Business. We decided to change hosts this month in the effort to reduce costs to Google adwords. We were told that SEO Searching would be part of the 2 year package and closed down an already successful website and made the move. The host who for now shall remain nameless, cannot work out the SEO searching and thus leaving us with a website that cannot be found! What good is that? I have to say I am seriously NOT happy, as now not only is it going to end up costing more, but we are losing potential new business everyday. I will name and Shame in a future post if this is not rectified ASAP. I have a half built website for my photography, but feel I would be stupid to put a second site through this company. I need to cut my loses and run!

To cheer myself up I created a slideshow of my images put to some beautiful music which can be watched on my Facebook page. If you haven’t already checked it out please do so, and “like” my page whilst you’re there! I am also spending a couple of days in Sydney in July with my good pal Louisa, to shoot our Sydney Skyline at Night and Day. I am looking forward to that very much. Nothing beats great company while doing the thing you both love.

I leave you now with some new pics taken in the Mountains on the long weekend……

Talk Soon xx


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