Flood Damage

Recently I met with a photographer friend whom I met back in high school to have a bit of fun with our Cameras ( look her up at http://www.timeslikethesephotography.com.au ). We had our young children with us on this particular day so we couldn’t be too adventurous. We decided to take a trip down to Penrith Weir so we could shoot photos whilst the kids enjoyed throwing stones into the water. What we did not expect was just how many trees and debris had been washed down the river from the floods a month earlier. The water was still running quite high and tress were laying down in piles, roots and all. It was even more interesting to see the strands of dead grass wrapped around the tree trunks along the shore line. It was wrapped around the trunk at least 2 and a half metres off the ground. Indicating just how high the water actually rose.

We noticed one particular tree that was covered in weeds which looked like a man. To me, one man in particular. It reminded me of the Uncle sam poster “we want you” for the U.S. Army.  I know I am a little crazy but Ill let you be the Judge 🙂

Well that’s about all from me today. I have just returned from Mudgee where I was visiting my brother, sister-in-law and there beautiful new baby girl. Of course I never miss a photo opportunity so I ventured out at to take some photos even though it was raining on and off. I will be sorting through the images this week and hopefully have some pictures to post next week. Till then, Stay Safe.


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