Pano Photography Awards 2012

I have entered my second photography competition this year. I like to enter these things to gauge where I am at with my photography skills, as judged by respected photographers from around the globe. Sometimes as I sit alone processing my images I often wonder if what I like and think looks good, also looks good to others? Your friends are always going to tell you they are good, so I feel photography competitions are a great Idea to get an outside opinion from those who see millions of images everyday!

Earlier this year I entered “The Better Digital Camera” competition with five images. I received one silver and 4 bronze awards. It was judged by an amazing photographer Peter Eastway, who I admire greatly. So all in all it was not bad for a first attempt in the competition world.

I then entered another competition. The “Pano Awards 2012” I entered three images this time and got 2 bronze awards. Since receiving the results I have re-edited some pictures from scratch to try and improve them a little….

Mona Vale Tidal Pool

The New Version of the Long Jetty shot looks like this:

long Jetty

I feel like the newer version has more punch and is a lot brighter. But you may think differently. I welcome comments about this matter, so please feel free to leave your opinions here. I have been putting many hours of shooting and learning more photoshop skills in so hopefully I can continue to improve.

I am entering another competition as we speak. It is the Creative Asia Awards 2012. These are the 4 photos i am entering.

Long Jetty

Glenworth Valley

Empress Falls

The Entrance

I don’t ever expect to win awards but of course I would love to. I would also love to improve the level of award to consistent silver, as this would let me know I am moving in the right direction and growing as an artist. It will be interesting to see if the image I changed scores better this time around….. Although it isn’t a true test, as the judges are different in this Competition. A panel of five professional photographers score each image and mark it out of 100. An average score is then given from the 5 results. Wish me luck!!!!!

Until then , I will continue to drag myself out of bed at ridiculous hours to capture (in my opinion) the best time of day.


One thought on “Pano Photography Awards 2012

  1. Good Luck in the new comp! I dont think you should write your friends gushy comments off! We seem to have pretty good taste according to all these judges 😉
    As for the re-edit of the picture – Personally I think I prefer the first one, it just seems like a really natural moment – the re-edit IS a lot brighter, im just more drawn to the original edit… [maybe its the really bright pink? im not a huge fan of pink – the first one has more purple tones to it… ] I would love to see both printed and up close to make my final call though 🙂

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