Mona Vale

As I was sifting through my captures from my sunrise at Mona Vale last week, I came across some images of an older couple who were swimming together that morning. I smiled as I remembered them holding hands shuffling along the beach and up the stairs to the tidal pools. Although they were extremely fit looking for their age (probably due to the fact they swim daily) they were still quite slow paced. I couldn’t help but wonder how long they have been together? Did they have children and grandchildren? And just how many years they have been swimming at Dawn?

The love between them was obvious as he climbed the stairs first and then offered his hand to his beloved and gave her a hand. It was very touching. After their swim, they got out and made their way to their car.

Tidal Pool

As the sun had risen above the horizon and I had lost all the soft light of the morning, I packed up my equipment and trudged back to the parking lot. Once again I spied the couple sitting in the back of their hatchback eating fruit salad and talking amiably with everybody who passed by including myself. They seemed to have all the answers to happiness. Perhaps the health experts have been right all this time after all! Exercise and eating healthy? Who would have thought?  Perhaps it is time I put down the Easter Egg and picked up a carrot! Hmmm maybe next year…..

Tidal Pool

I would like to thank Kirsten Carroll for her graphic design work for my business. She is extremely talented and is happy to take on freelance work. Contact me on Facebook if you require a quote or her services. Wishing you all a Happy Easter. Have a Safe Holiday 🙂


Terrigal Australia


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