I have been putting in some hard yards lately and It is certainly paying off. I have edited my photos, and found my new printers (shout out to the wonderful people at CFL- Their work is outstanding). I am also in talks to set up a deal with my chosen Framer. Tomorrow is my appointment with the surgeon about my knee, so hopefully I learn a bit more about whats to come.

There are only 5 days left until I head off to the Central Coast, NSW, to spend 5 days photographing the local sights with Ken Duncan and soaking up all that he can teach me. I can hardy wait. Not only will I be doing something that I love, with my favourite photographer. But I will be staying in Luxury at Quay West Magenta Shores without my 3 children…. Bliss!

Of course I will miss them, but I don’t think I have been alone for 9 years. I look forward to the busy schedule Ken has planned for me, because really…… It can’t be anymore hectic than being a mum of three boys, running 2 businesses and managing their soccer teams can it???? I Guess I will find out.

I will fill you all in when I get the chance. Wish me luck!


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