Isn’t it supposed to be Summer?

5am yesterday morning wasn’t exactly what I would call “Sunrise”, but hey…. I had driven all the way from Penrith to North Narrabeen  in the rain in the hope that the rain had blown inland and the coastal skies might be clear. I was wrong. I sat in the car for an hour (Yes I arrived too early) with the rain pelting on my windscreen, playing on my iphone and hoping the rain would stop before first light. I got my wish…. It stopped for over an hour and I jumped out the car and headed over to the tidal pools.

I had only just begun setting up my tripod when the first of several crazy people turned up to swim laps. It was a man who was swimming 50 laps for his 50th birthday, a dare set by his mates so needed his wife there to take photos for proof. Here are these guys swimming along in their speedos and here I am shivering in a hooded winter coat with wind battering me and my camera. The seas were a choppy mess and was getting salt spray all over my lens. It was a bit of a hectic photo shoot. A constant routine of changing settings, cleaning the lens, and hanging heavy bags off the tripod to try to minimise the rocking from the hectic wind. I assume the sun came up because I never did actually see the thing so cannot be positive ;).

But alas here is what the morning looked like……

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