Stairway to the Beach

Pretty Beach, NSW, Australia

To get this shot I really had to shake off my fear of being attacked out alone at night with nobody around. I actually did not intend to take this photo. I had sussed out a spot the day before that I fell in love with, which was 2 beaches over around the point you see in this photo’s background. I arrived here at 4am, it was pitch black, not a sole around (what sane person would be here at 4am?) Backpack, tripod and torch in hand, I set out down these stairs and across two beaches constantly checking behind me with the flashlight.

Once I arrived unscathed to my ‘Ideal Location’, I discovered the high tide would not allow me to take the picture I had envisioned. So, I waited and waited and then decided to head back and try the photo from the top of the beach access. By then the sun was rising to a perfect summers day and thankfully I came away with a great shot. Phew, this business can be hard work sometimes.

Merry Beach South Point

Merry Beach, NSW South Coast

They may only be small out there on the point but can you see the fishermen? Landscape photographers have a lot in common with fisherman I feel. We are kindred spirits in a way. Most places I venture in the wee hours for sunrise shots, the only other people I come across are fishermen. It always makes me feel a bit safer knowing they are nearby. Plus we both get out of bed early while its dark, get all our equipment ready and set out for the morning hoping we catch something. For them it’s a couple of flatheads for me, it’s a beautiful sunrise photo, however neither of us set out with any guarantees and we both know what it feels like to leave disappointed.

Rocky view of Pretty Beach

Pretty Beach, NSW, Australia

I loved these rocks and had to take several different angles of them. It was hard to choose a favourite, the different colours were outstanding.

Rock pools at Merry Beach

Merry Beach, NSW, Australia

I love the clarity of the water in the rock pools in this shot.. Dreamy…..

Colourfulrocks at Pretty Beach NSW

Pretty Beach NSW Australia


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