Balgowlah NSW Australia

A perfect sunrise in a little bay near Manly.  Boy, you don’t even want to know what I went through to get this shot.

Powerful tide at Racecourse Beach, NSW, Australia

Racecourse Beach NSW Australia

I took this photo whilst on a family holiday in our caravan. Though my boys were none the wiser as they were all still warm in their beds back at  camp.


Life Saver on Kioloa Headlands

Kioloa Beach NSW Australia

Again I was sitting and waiting, and pacing and waiting, re-cleaning my lens and waiting. Waiting for the sun to show itself.  I took a few photos around the point as the sky started to pink up, I wasn’t happy with the location I was in and decided to head uphill a bit more, as I was coming up over the rise, I was so excited to see this shining red life saver standing out like a beacon.

It really gave this photo a point of interest on would otherwise be bland rocks. It really balances the right hand side of the photo and stops the beautiful sky on the left stealing all the thunder.  The Marine Rescue team later informed me that they have placed these on all the headlands in the area. What a great idea for there is a lot of rock fishing in this NSW south coast area.


Pretty Beach Point

Pretty Beach NSW Australia

Mossy rocks at Merry Beach

Merry Beach NSW Australia

I love the greens and texture of moss. I couldn’t walk past this site without taking a photo.

Boats at Balgowlah Heights NSW

Balgowlah NSW Australia


One thought on “Sunrises

  1. What a great looking blog you have Beck. I love so many of your photographs, my favourite in this post is the mossy rocks at the beach…. Awesome shot….

    Although the yellow boats picture is my next favourite I think, its so hard to choose..

    Please have a look at my blog, your comments are welcome

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