Cliff tops at Merry Beach

Merry Beach Cliff Tops NSW Australia

Resting my tripod precariously close to the edge of this cliff quite frankly scared me half to death. It is something that still challenges me as I can’t stand heights.

For some reason, when I am near the edge I think I am going to forget how to stand in an upright position and tumble over the side. Nonsense I know but try telling me that when I am up there. I just tell myself…. Look through the lens and not over the edge, and imagine the shot you may capture… It may just be worth it.

Sunset at Pretty Beach

Pretty Beach NSW Australia

The day I took this photo I had quite an embarassing and painful experience. Just before taking this shot I was further up the sandhills where I had to step over a very low wire fence.

Going up was fine, but coming down I stepped my left foot over and then my tripod which was still extended with the camera on it, got stuck on the wire. So of course rather than drop my very expensive equipment, I took the fall and held the tripod and camera in the air.
Fortunately I managed to save the equipment. Unfortunatley there were several people around all watching this unfold. I only wish I took pictures the next day of the huge bruises across both of my legs to post online.

Access to Pretty Beach

Pretty Beach NSW Australia

Green Waters at Pier

Hawkesbury NSW Australia

This photo was taken on a day as an unexpected surprise.  I was out with my 3 boys and 2 very good friends and their kids for a fun day, where the kids had horse rides and learnt about the pioneering days.

As we headed off for a pub lunch I spied this lagoon and wandered over for a closer inspection. I excitedly asked my friends if they would mind waiting while I ran and got my tripod out of the car and grabbed a shot. I am so glad I did and that I have such wonderful  and understanding friends because this is one of my favourites.


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